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Top 10 First Aid Scenarios for Santa

With Christmas only a couple days away here is a list of the Top 10 most likely First Aid Scenarios Santa could encounter on his big night.

  1. Burns: Sliding down so many chimneys there is a good chance he could end up with a burn or two. Remember first aid for burns includes cooling for at least 10-15 minutes and be sure to cover loosely with a clean dressing once cooled.
  2. Choking: Eating that many cookies that quickly in one evening has the potential for choking as well as a pretty big belly ache. First aid for choking includes alternating between two of the three following if the blockage is complete: 5 Back blows, 5 Abdominal thrusts, 5 Chest thrusts. If you are choking alone, move yourself to somewhere you may be found, call 911, and try to dislodge to object by using a solid object like table or chair.
  3. Head and neck injuries: Parking a sled on a snowy, icy rooftop sounds like a recipe for falling off. If you hear a loud thud in the middle of the night and go out to find Santa laying in your front yard remember to keep him still, support his head and neck if needed and call 911.
  4. Animal bites: Whether it is one of the reindeer or a protective dog or cat, possible Santa could get a few nips and bites along the way. Let bites bleed for a bit to cleanse the wound, then wash with clean water and cover the wound. You may need to follow up with further medical attention and watch for infection.
  5. Bone, Muscle, Joint injuries: Snow, ice and moving so quickly all night, possible to jolly big dude could tweak or pull something along the way. Remember R.I.C.E. but if it is really bad call 911 and keep them still.
  6. Food Poisoning: We all think we are great cooks but lets be honest, some of us can’t cook to save our life. If you suspect food poisoning or any other form of poisoning give poison control a call at 1-800-268-9017.
  7. Cold Emergencies: Yes even Santa is vulnerable to cold related emergencies. We will summarize this with warming slow and actively. Stop heat loss, start heat gain.
  8. Alcohol Intoxication: If you are anything like me you have likely left beer for Santa at some point. Now imagine how many pints Santa could end up drinking during that one night. If you happen to find him passed out drunk, please Check ABC’s, Call 911, Place him in the recovery position and monitor his condition.
  9. Hyperventilation: Imagine looking at your watch and only having a few hours left to deliver a few billion gifts, you may get a little worked up as well. Remember hyperventilation can often be resolved by coaching the individual to control their breathing. Using your hands up and down provides great visual for them to follow.
  10. Heart Attack: I don’t mean to judge but I feel Santa’s lifestyle definitely does increase the risk of a heart attack. All those cookies and all that stress. If you suspect heart attack, Call 911, consider Aspirin and Nitro, and monitor condition while gathering relevant information including symptoms and past history.

Honorary Mention:

Allergic Reactions: I have no idea if Santa suffers from any form of allergy but if he does he is definitely at great risk of having a reaction. Severe Allergic Reactions should be dealt with an auto- injector (Epi-pen or Allerject) and call 911. About 20% of people will have a second reaction.

Diabetic Emergency: No idea if Santa is Diabetic or not but all those cookies must not help his case. Diabetic emergencies are managed with sugar (lots of options available). If it does not improve in ten minutes, more sugar and call 911. Never put sugar in an unconscious person’s mouth.

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