Red Cross Babysitting Courses for Ottawa March Break 2020

We are excited to announce Canadian Red Cross Babysitting Courses across Ottawa for March break 2020.

Course Locations

Monday March 16th: Orleans

Monday March 16th: Westboro

Tuesday March 17th: Kanata

Wednesday March 18th: Downtown / Centretown

Thursday March 19th: Ottawa South (South Keys)

Friday March 20th: Nepean

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Hurry space is limited!!!

Course Overview

These courses are designed for youth 11-15 and cover a wide variety of knowledge and skills. The main objective of these programs is to build confidence as a future babysitter. There is no stressful exam at the end of the course, simply many hands on and group activities to allow youth to practice what they have learnt. Skills gained are beneficial well beyond simply babysitting. As a father, a firefighter and a first aid instructor I cannot stress enough the value in taking a Red Cross Babysitting course.


So what all do the participants learn?

  • Being a Responsible Leader: being a strong leader and knowing when to implement various leadership styles is a key responsibility of a babysitter. The skills that your children will learn are invaluable as they grow and venture into various activities and eventually into the work force.
  • Childhood Characteristics: as a group we will discuss and focus on the characteristics and behavioral traits of various ages and how to plan appropriately for each age group.
  • Creating Safe Environments: As advocates of prevention, all Red Cross babysitting programs teach and advocate preventing injuries. Through discovered learning we work with the youth on how to create a safe environment both in and outside the home.
  • Caring for Children: Has your child ever changed or dressed a baby? Had to plan activities or discipline a younger child? These are just some of the topics covered in our caring for children section.
  • First Aid: Although prevention is key, we understand accidents happen sometimes. Our experienced instructors will give your children the tools to handle a wide variety of first aid situations.
  • Business of Babysitting: We wrap up our day with discussing the business of babysitting and how to find jobs, as well as expectations for themselves, the family they are caring for and their own personal family.

babysitting dressingIt may seem like a lot of information. No need to worry though as each participant goes home with not only their certificate of completion but their own copy of the Canadian Red Cross Babysitter’s Manual. The resources section of our website also has useful links to allow the participants to continue to be successful with their babysitting jobs for years to come.